civil eyes research

Civil Eyes Research

Civil Eyes Research is a leading benchmarking organisation working with clinicians and managers to use information to understand the metrics of quality and productivity within health services.

Over a number of years, John Smith and Geoff Bick have worked with large and small organisations seeking to align complex datasets and collected information to enable decision making and to improve healthcare.

Geoff and John also collaborate closely with Ray Flux who runs the Civil Eyes Development programmes.

valuing medical resourceCurrently Civil Eyes Research offers two leading edge benchmarking programmes which are managed as clubs by the participating hospitals:

  • Valuing Medical Resources – twenty teaching hospitals across the UK have joined together to work on productivity issues
  • The Specialist Children’s Hospitals network working on shared data and developing specialist benchmarks

For details of any of these activities or more information, please use this website or contact Civil Eyes Research by writing to

Civil Eyes Research uses a range of healthcare data to provide information to hospitals, clinicians and managers about clinical performance, quality, efficiency and productivity with the aim of helping to achieve improvements in these areas.  These data include Hospital Episode Statistics information as well as data collected directly from healthcare organisations around the UK.  All data is pseudonymised.

Civil Eyes Research’s eligibility to access Hospital Episode Statistics information has been approved, over a number of years, by the relevant data authorities of the NHS.  Civil Eyes Research is registered under the Data Protection Act (registration number Z4945094) and compliant with the requirements of the NHS’s Information Governance Toolkit (organisation national code: 8J848). Civil Eyes Research’s Privacy and Cookies policy can be accessed here and its Privacy Notice can be accessed here.